Echo Chen

Chief Executive Officer

Master's in Education from Regis College, Master's in Management from Zhejiang University.

As the CEO of MGA, I am committed to providing a creative and exploratory learning environment for children. STEAM education has always been my passion. At the same time, I also wish my three children and all of your children could receive the best learning environment possible, thus creating MGA. I hope at MGA, and we can nourish kids to develop innovative thinking and engineering habits. Through well-designed lessons and projects, children will be exposed to the latest Steam knowledge and practice their problem-solving skills. Here at MGA, we promise that children will not only be passive recipients of knowledge but also be active creators and leaders.

I am convinced that young minds have great potential, and our job is to explore their full potential. I promise that, together with my team, I will continue to explore and innovate to create an inspiring and nurturing environment for children to realize their dreams and become the creators of the future! You are the next genius we are looking for in MGA! 

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