Ye Zhao PH. D.

Instructional specialist

PhD's degree from Northeastern University

Hello everyone, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ye. Currently I am working as a Principal Electrical Engineer for Analogic -Copley Controls. As the technical lead of a group of various engineer, I am developing the next-generation gradient amplifiers for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Throughout my academic journey and industrial working experience, I have encountered diverse concepts and applications within Electrical Engineering, from power systems to machine learning algorithms, from control systems to signal processing. Each area has allowed me to sharpen my problem-solving skills and has presented me with unique opportunities for growth. When I look back on my career, there are often numerous failures and struggles that contribute significantly to my personal growth and achievement.

I am incredibly passionate about learning and teaching. That’s why I am here to become one of the mentors for young students in Mgenius Academy (MGA). Through real-world challenges, students often can think out of box and spark innovation and creativity. This would be a beautiful and rewarding journey from being a student to becoming a young engineer. I believe I can help you make it happen in our classroom, through well-designed hands-on projects that are both challenging and fun. Let's start this exciting adventure of learning and growth together!

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