Zhili Wu

Chief Operating Officer

Master’s in project management Northeastern University ,  Bachelor’s in business administration and leadership from NEU

With my passion for education and expertise in project management, I will play a pivotal role in our enrichment program for kids who love engineering.

I will play a vital role in center management, working tirelessly to guarantee the smooth functioning of our center. My biggest target is creating an environment that nurtures our little engineers' growth and success by closely monitoring and optimizing our facilities, staffing, and operations. As a dedicated parent liaison, I will ensure seamless communication and support for our younger engineers and their families. I will spearhead various communication channels and oversee MGA center promotion, fostering a strong connection among our little engineers, parents, and instructors.

 My unwavering dedication, expertise, and passion will inspire young minds at MGA as they embark on their engineering journey. I am excited to contribute to their development by fostering an engaging and supportive atmosphere within our center.

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