According to the attributes of the curriculum projects and the emphasis on training, they are divided into four types: production, exploration, design, and synthesis. Each stage of the curriculum is arranged with different proportions of these types.

The creation course focuses on cultivating awareness and application of tools and materials, learning knowledge principles through interdisciplinary integration, allowing children to understand the principles of common phenomena, basic concepts of physics and chemistry, and learn basic mechanical structures and fundamental principles of electronics.


MGA COURSE-Belt wheel cycloid drawing instrument, the students connect the belt wheel to the reduction motor using screws.


MGA COURSE-Wireless power transmission lamp.


MGA COURSE-Circuit soldering.

The exploration course focuses on cultivating scientific inquiry thinking and achieving a deeper understanding, exploration, and application of key knowledge content.


MGA Course - Wind Car Design - Investigating the Impact of Sail Size on Gliding Distance.


MGA Course - Basic Circuit Exploration.

The design course focuses on cultivating children's engineering design thinking, allowing them to focus on design goals and apply what they have learned to complete project designs.


MGA Course - Bit Car Design.



MGA Course-Automobile Inventor - Hand-drawn Car and Structure.


MGA Ideation Stage - Musical Instrument Design

The comprehensive course is primarily scheduled during the Ideation Stage, where children spend more time on a project, tackle more complex problems, and begin to explore time management and project management. They learn the knowledge and skills required to complete the project, utilize appropriate search engines and websites for resource retrieval, independently purchase the necessary components from platforms, and engage in designing structures, circuits, and programs. They utilize modern processing and manufacturing equipment to complete their designs.


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